Upcycling Soap Dispenser Pump ‘Budapest’

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Do you want to build your very own upcycling soap dispenser from an empty bottle or do you simply want to upgrade your soap dispenser with a high quality dispenser pump?

Look no further: our dispenser pumps fit on many different bottles that are too beautiful to be thrown away. This way you can turn used bottles into new objects and use your creativity to design your own soap dispenser.

Please have a look at the product dimensions given below and the list of compatible bottles that we have already tried. This will make sure, you chose the right pump for your bottle.

Brushed silver
Matte black
Silver chrome
Stone grey
Vintage brass
with 28 mm / 1.1 in thread
with fitting size 1

304 Stainless Steel

Our dispenser pump heads are coated with durable stainless steel what makes them corrosion resistant. A unique finish, colour and polishing for our pumps as well as clear coating make them durable and nice to touch.

In contrast to pumps made entirely from plastic, our pumps are nice to touch and the materials match other quality materials like glass. You can use our pumps for lotions, liquids, gels, dish-washing liquid and soaps.

Upcycling: the waste reduction trend

Instead of buying a new plastic soap dispenser in the drug store once a month, you can quickly turn an old bottle into a refillable soap dispenser.

You can refill it as many times as you like and honestly, doesn’t it look way better than the cheap plastic soap dispensers?

Extra long tube

The tube can be cut to the desired length with regular scissors.

Make sure to cut the tube at an angle to retain suction strength and enable the pump to pump even the last bit of soap out of the bottle.

100% Satisfaction

Test our pumps risk-free and with a 30-day return policy.

Do you have any concerns regarding our products or your order? If at all you are disappointed please contact our first-class customer service and we will find a positive solution in your favour.


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