Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

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The Mason Jar is an iconic glass container that was first invented invented by John Landis Mason in 1858.

The Mason Jar combined with a high-quality dispenser pump coated with stainless steel is a sustainable alternative to plastic soap dispensers. For a long time, Mason Jars have been used to store a variety of things in our every day life and they have recently been rediscovered by many designers around the world.

Black copper oil-rubbed
Brushed silver
Matte black
Silver chrome

304 Stainless Steel

Our dispenser pump heads are coated with durable stainless steel what makes them corrosion resistant.

A unique finish, colour and polishing for our pumps as well as clear coating make them durable and nice to touch.

In contrast to pumps made entirely from plastic, our pumps are nice to touch and the materials match other quality materials like glass.

Glas ist sustainable

Glass is a sustainable alternative to plastic since around 80% of waste glass is recycled. Furthermore, the production of glass does not rely on mineral oils and is produced by using the abundant resource sand.

From now on, you can refill your favourite soap dispenser as many times as you like, instead of buying a single-use plastic soap dispenser from the drug store every other week. This way you are reducing your plastic consumption while at the same time adding a beautiful accessory to your bathroom.

Wide opening for easy soap refills

The wide mouth opening of the Mason Jar allows for easy refills without spilling any soap. Even from large canisters, you can safely pour the liquid through the opening with a diameter of 2 ¾ in.

Embossed measurements on the jar

Measurements in ounces and millilitre are embossed on the side of the Mason Jar. The embossing is a nice little detail and shows that this jar has been repurposed from its original use as measuring and storing device.

100% Satisfaction

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